Crash in - February/March 2019


Welcome to the LAC issue of IGB Affiliate! Our cover is Nick Garner’s analysis of how the crossover with that other form of gaming is giving rise to a new product and ecosystem that doesn’t look like any form of igaming we’ve ever seen before. Nick undertakes the first-ever benchmarking of the market’s size, visibility and potential and predicts it will move within the remit of conventional regulation and become huge as Fiat currency takes over from crypto. So, get in now and start working with the licensed operators who are playing the long game.

Crypto 2.0 and the rise of gamer gambling

February / February 2019



Highlights from the issue include:

  • Fjord Fiesta: Sweden goes white
  • Bang to rights: the ECD for affiliates
  • Africa: How to cash in on Africa
  • Seven tips for the US
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