GSlot Casino becomes part of Alpha Affiliates

GSlot Casino becomes part of Alpha Affiliates

Growing brand snapped up by experienced affiliate programme

Published 17th February 2021

The world of gambling is full of surprises and never ceases to amaze – and if ever you wanted proof of this, then the news that renowned casino GSlot has joined the Alpha Affiliates affiliate programme is sure to provide it. What’s more, the two names have ambitious plans for some serious growth together.

Despite GSlot being a young brand that was only launched in late 2020, it stands alongside the many well-established companies in the market. The casino brand has already made a big impression in the Canadian and European markets and in particular Holland, Finland and Germany.

What makes GSlot stand out from the crowd is a team of specialists with big experience in the casino industry as well as a progressive approach to product creation and project management. The company prioritises working with affiliates above everything else because it recognises that strong relationships with partners are of the highest value. Now, in cooperating with one of the most famous partner programmes in the gambling industry, the company plans to create a number of new brands that will cover all countries and markets. Commenting on the tie-up with Alpha Affiliates, the project manager of GSlot said: “We are expanding our potential and hope to open even more new horizons together with Alpha Affiliates.”

By becoming a member of the Alpha Affiliates programme, all GSlot affiliates will get access to all exclusive promotions, a lot of great tournaments and other unique offers from the famous programme. And the fact that the GSlot team focuses on player retention strategies makes it even more attractive for partners looking for a long-term partnership.