Traffic Lab promotes from within to find new CCO

By Dan Kleiner


Traffic Lab has appointed Esko Rissanen as its new chief commercial officer after four years spent leading the affiliate’s accounts team.

Rissanen was previously head of accounts at Traffic Lab, where he led a team of account managers that were tasked with growing the book of the business and increasing sales.

Before his time at Traffic Lab he worked at GiG as the head of affiliates for just over two years, while his initial experience came from working for Google and search engine related jobs.

Rissanen has assumed the new role from 1 July at the affiliate.

“Huge Congratulations! I couldn't wish for a better person to be running all commercial aspects at Traffic Lab”' commented CEO Peter Gunni on Rissanen’s announcement on social media.

Back in May the founder of Traffic Lab, Sebastian Agerskov, stepped down as CEO and was replaced by Peter Gunni.

Agerskov’s decision came from an importance placed on work-life balance, as he wanted to prioritise his family and health. Gunni has worked at the affiliate since 2017 where he started in the marketing department before becoming CMO.

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