Sebastian Agerskov steps down as Traffic Lab CEO

By Dan Kleiner


The founder of Traffic Lab, Sebastian Agerskov, has stepped down as CEO and will be replaced by Peter Gunni.

Agerskov’s decision comes from an importance placed on work-life balance, where he wants to prioritise his family and health. He will also be on the lookout for new opportunities that he can get “hands-on with”.

Rather than giving a traditional statement, Agerskov’s thoughts are expressed on his behalf by the company. The affiliate noted that its founder “humbly credited the opportunity to work with bright people” when asked about his proudest achievement.

“As a CEO and founder, Sebastian shared a valuable lesson he will carry with him into the future: keeping it simple, lean, and effective throughout all stages,” added Traffic Lab.

“This commitment to efficiency and focus underscores his strategic mindset and practical approach to business.It's a philosophy that has guided Traffic Lab through both challenges and triumphs and will continue to shape its trajectory in the years to come.”

New CEO, Gunni has worked at the affiliate since 2017 where he started in the marketing department before becoming CMO.

He is credited with helping Traffic Lab achieve better results through data when commercial data became a focal point for the company and led to him stepping into the CCO role. There he led four sub-departments within the company.

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