GiG to apply for QMRA quality mark in all qualifying markets

Affiliate giant GiG is to submit all its websites to QMRA compliance checks in markets where the quality mark scheme is active.

QMRA Director Steven Vrolijk said that the expansion of the relationship had stemmed from GiG becoming one of the first members of its original KVA scheme in the Netherlands: “I am happy to say that this evidence led them to be the first affiliate to make QMRA compliance an official company policy.”

GiG Media COO Milorad Matejic added that adhering to the QMRA standard in applicable markets “demonstrates to the market our commitment to compliance at GiG Media."

With GiG’s Swedish and UK sites already bearing the QMRA quality stamp and having applied for approval for a German-facing site in January, the affiliate is now submitting sites active in the other geos in which the scheme is currently operational, which include Denmark, Norway, Spain, Ontario, Estonia, Poland, Belgium and Michigan.

The 13 affiliate sites to have joined the QMRA scheme since its launch in February 2024 also include properties owned by Game Lounge and Leadstar. The KVA quality mark is now carried by more than 100 affiliates in the Netherlands.

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