RichAds and Media 24 reveal how to profit from igaming with SEO websites

| By iGB Editorial Team

Vasilii Gamov, chief marketing officer at RichAds, the SiGMA Award-winning igaming traffic source of 2022, speaks to three experts from Media 24 to reveal how affiliates can use SEO websites to generate the best profits within igaming.

Is it possible to earn a million dollars through SEO traffic and what should affiliates do to achieve this? In an interview posted on RichAds’ YouTube channel, Gamov and three Media 24 experts, including CEO Martins Lasmanis, aim to find out.

Media 24 creates affiliate websites with a core focus on the betting vertical. Published articles include reviews, betting advice, bonuses and tips to help affiliates.

The experts from Media 24 have more than five years of experience in affiliate marketing, while Lasmanis has more than a decade’s experience in the SEO field. Clearly, industry knowledge is not in short supply.

The interview was conducted as part of the Ads&Grans talks series on Media 24’s YouTube channel, where it shares monthly betting and gambling expert insights.

Earning on gambling and betting with SEO

In the interview, Lasmanis explains how many websites are required to get 10,000 first-time deposits (FTDs) annually and whether it’s possible for affiliates to earn $1m with SEO. It includes an analysis of the most common mistakes new affiliates make, as well as insights on the betting and gambling target audiences, keyword choices and overall market trends for the year.

Other topics covered are geos, payout models and how the company differs from its competitors. Valentin Darechkin, chief commercial officer at Media 24, also appears in the interview sharing top content hacks that can generate real profits from such websites.

The main areas covered include: 

  • How many articles are enough for a SEO website if you’re just getting started? 
  • What are the most-hyped geos?
  • How to translate sites to get quality traffic from search

To wrap things up, Gamov and Ricards Bartasevics, chief operating officer (COO) at Media 24, then discuss business insights. Metrics are the most important factor of a project according to Bartasevics, who goes on to explain how the company’s teams are organised and how they apply AI and other tools to maintain processes.

To learn more about earning money from igaming with SEO websites, watch the full interview on RichAds’ YouTube channel, which also hosts other useful content on affiliate marketing and igaming.