Blexr promotes Sophie Hodgson to COO

By Dan Kleiner


Blexr has announced that it has elevated Sophie Hodgson to the chief operations officer position.

Hodgson previously served as vice president of people and talent, but will now join Paudie O’Reilly and Andrew Isidoro as part of Blexr’s executive leadership team. She replaces recently exited Nick Walker who served as COO for two and a half years.

Hodgson initially joined the affiliate in a consultant capacity before being moved to a full-time role in 2022.

Her time as VP of people and talent saw her build Blexr’s core people foundations that include career frameworks, transparent pay bands and incentives. In its statement, Blexr said that Hodgson was tasked with transforming and enhancing the experience for employees across their whole journey with the company.

In her new role as COO, Hodgson will continue to oversee the people and talent division, while also being tasked with expanding her responsibilities to day-to-day operations, strategic planning and operational performance across the business. 

“I am incredibly excited to take on this new challenge and continue to build on the solid foundations we’ve established at Blex,” said Hodgson on her new role.

“My goal is to create a positive, high-performing environment that attracts and retains top talent, fosters employee engagement, and promotes a culture of diversity and inclusion that aligns with Blexr’s overarching strategy.”

Paudie O’Reilly, co-founder of Blexr said that Hodgson’s strategic vision and commitment to creating a high-performance culture has been invaluable to the company.

“Under her leadership, I am confident that our teams will be inspired and energised to achieve even greater success while growing and developing their careers.

“Sophie has made significant contributions to Blexr in just under two years, including spearheading the people & talent chapter and leading initiatives crucial to the company’s success.”

He went on to add that she has been instrumental in the launch of CasinoReviews and Blexr’s ADR service. “Her dedication to clarity, transparency, learning and development, and leadership has enhanced the employee experience across the entire organisation.”

You can see Sophie Hodgson at iGB L!VE on the panel: Ctrl + Z: How to Attract, Motivate and Retain the iGeneration?

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