Gentoo applies more sites for QMRA quality mark

By Dan Kleiner


Gentoo, formerly GiG Media, has announced that it will apply more of its sites to the QMRA service founded by XY Legal Solutions.

Recently, the company decided to make QMRA an official company policy for its sites and as a result, will undertake a review of its website portfolio every two months.

During these cycles of the service, Gentoo will assess and decide which sites to include under the QMRA compliance framework. Gentoo wants to ensure that all affiliated sites adhere to “stringent regulatory and marketing standards”.

In the latest review cycle, the affiliate had three sites successfully added to the QMRA compliance programme: Casinospesialisten.net in Norway, CasinoOnline.dk in Denmark and GambleOntario.ca in Ontario, Canada.

The company’s new name pays tribute to GiG Media’s Rebel Penguin heritage, which the company acquired in 2017. Gentoo is a species of Antarctic penguin known for prospering by coming together as a unit to survive and thrive, according to the affiliate.

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