GiG acquires SEO and content service provider Titan for €3.2m

By Dan Kleiner


GiG has announced it has signed a deal to acquire Titan, a supplier of SEO and content services to enhance its operational efficiency and market position.

Titan is the holding company for the better-known Atlas SEO that provides bespoke content creation, news, translations and product copywriting. 

Post-acquisition, GiG Media’s SEO and content costs are expected to reduce by up to 50% and Titan’s experience is also expected to enhance the quality and shorten the turnaround time for content and SEO services.

The acquisition was set at €3.2m (£2.71m/$3.43m) with €1m paid at the deal’s closure, another €1m after 12 months and a final €1.2m paid two years after completion. 

Jonas Warrer, GiG CEO, said that the acquisition highlights its ambition to optimise its value chain, revenue and EBITDA margin.

“We will achieve substantial cost savings by integrating Titan’s SEO and content expertise while significantly enhancing our service quality,” said Warrer. “This move aligns with our strategy to solidify our leadership position in the online gambling market, demonstrating how we drive growth and efficiency.”

Lee Tadd, Titan co-CEO and co-founder added that his team is thrilled to join GiG Media. “Our combined expertise will enable us to deliver exceptional value to our clients and stakeholders. We look forward to leveraging our strengths to drive innovation and excellence in SEO and content services.”

The deal is expected to close in July 2024.

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