Sword Media & Apps4 Web Media merge into GameTime Digital

By Dan Kleiner


Sword Media and Apps4 Web Media have together announced a merger between the two affiliate companies to create GameTime Digital.

The merger will see Stephen McBrinn, founder and CEO of Sword Media become CEO of the new company, while Alex Windsor, founder and CEO of Apps4 Web Media will become the CMO.

Sword Media was previously focused on paid media affiliation, while Apps4 Web Media’s operations were based on organic traffic.

McBrinn said that it has always been a pleasure working with Windsor and his team in the past.

“Equally as important, the merger allows us to be a fully US focussed igaming partner and will bring our revenues to €10m for 2024, delivering 20,000 new FTDs to our various partners across our PPC, media buying, SEO & network departments.”

Whereas Windsor raised the journey his company had been on up till this point. "Ever since we gained our first license in New Jersey in 2017 we have strived to deliver the highest quality to our partners and we look forward to continuing to do so through organic, paid and through our network partners.

“The US market is such an exciting one to be involved in. The appetite for igaming and legalised sports betting present such an incredible opportunity for the igaming market."

The merger is expected to help streamline and improve synergies across the business as well as establish relationships with US partners through the new structure.

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