Action Network CEO Patrick Keane set to depart

By Dan Kleiner


Patrick Keane has confirmed his plans to step down as CEO of Action Network from the end of January.

Keane has led the brand for five years and oversaw its acquisition by Better Collective in May 2021 for $240m (£189m/€221m).

“I could not be prouder of what we built at Action Network. And the team is in good hands at Better Collective,” Keane said on LinkedIn confirming the news. 

He went on to thank Better Collective CEO Jesper Søgaard, COO Christian Kirk Rasmussen, CFO  Flemming Pedersen and Better Collective USA CEO Marc Pedersen in his statement.

“I’m proud of what the team at Action Network built over time as CEO,” Keane added. “Two-thirds of corporate acquisitions are deemed unsuccessful and Better Collective reverses that trend with a very profitable and growing digital media asset in Action [Network].”

Replying to Keane’s LinkedIn post, Jesper Søgaard commented that it has been a pleasure working with him and team.

“We’re in pole position for the big opportunity the North American market is and will be in the coming years,” said the Better Collective CEO. “Thank you so much for your significant contributions to that.”

There is confirmation from Action Network or Better Collective on who will replace Keane.

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