Checkd’s FlashPicks app generates record user numbers

By Dan Kleiner


Checkd Group has announced that its FlashPicks app has posted record user numbers along with a series of improvements through a platform update.

The affiliate’s flagship North American brand, FlashPicks, recorded 31,000 bets and 195,000 screen views in December 2023. Previously, the app averaged around 60,000 user sessions per month since it launched in March 2023.

The brand’s free-to-use SmartPicks betting tool, which uses Checkd’s Smart Acca technology to help users make better-informed decisions, has seen improvements. The tool now features a Player Prop Tracker, which allows users to track their over/under bets within the app in greater detail.

The tool’s UI has also been upgraded with stats and betting opportunities now sent directly to the app’s result screen and also allows users to personalise their experience for greater individual game visibility.

Callum Broxton, head of US operations at Checkd Group, is thrilled with the improvements which he said will further fortify the brand’s reputation in the market.

“We’re delighted to have seen out 2023 with record bets and users, and feel confident that our positive trajectory will continue with the highly capable Checkd Dev team fueling our innovation and growth,” Broxton added.

Adam Patton, Checkd Dev managing director expressed his belief that the SmartPicks tool is now “easier to use than ever”.

“The Player Prop Tracker is a unique live betting tool that makes FlashPicks more engaging, while saving bettors time and effort,” concluded Patton.

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