Odds On Compliance launches US affiliate licensing tool

By Dan Kleiner


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Odds On Compliance has launched a licensing tool to aid affiliates looking to enter the US market.

The company developed its Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal to help sports betting and igaming affiliates acquire licences in the US through a range of services.

The tool will provide affiliates with information on licensing and compliance-based topics, as well as give them the ability to automate the submission process for licences.

Once submitted, affiliates will also be able to use the tool to track and manage the status of applications.

Odds On Compliance will supply services from its team members, which will provide support and guidance for affiliates throughout the application process.

Eric Frank, CEO of Odds On Compliance, believes the new system will ultimately make the lives of affiliate bosses easier.

“At Odds On Compliance, we are committed to leveraging technology to make compliance easier and more efficient in order to help our clients achieve regulatory compliance while minimising the impact on their bottom line.

“The Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal is intended to shed light on the licensing process for affiliate marketers and is a key part of our strategy to provide the industry with the tools needed to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.”

The portal has launched initially in the beta stage for early adopters, with a full rollout expected to follow soon.

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