North Star Network hires new head of media

By Dan Kleiner


North Star Network has recruited Ed Dove as its new head of media, as it aims to expand and grow its media portfolio.

Dove was previously head of content for football-based site Goal.com across Africa. He will be responsible for the affiliate’s media strategy, recruitment of editorial talent.

He will also seek to “boost the reach of content produced by the network’s in-house team.”

“Ed brings a deep knowledge of online media and seniority to this new role,” said North Star Network co-CEO Julien Josset. “He will structure and lead our media department and help us to achieve this strategic shift”.

“Appointing Ed, a veteran of the media industry, is an important milestone to transform our operations, historically based on an affiliate-marketing focus, into a media group.”

“It’s a privilege to be entrusted with the head of media position at North Star,” said Dove. "I'm excited by the prospect of leading this global network of journalists into the future.

“It was always going to take something special for me to leave Goal.com, my home for a decade. But this is a terrific next challenge for me as I look to develop our team across the world.

“I intend to forge and inspire a media division that is innovative, authoritative and ambitious. This is with the aim of establishing a loyal, engaged and consistent reader-base across our global network of online destinations.”

Recently, North Star Network announced that it will partner with seven fan websites dedicated to Brazilian football clubs for the new season.

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