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Former PokerStars executive Hollreiser acquires

By Richard Mulligan

Eric Hollreiser, the former PokerStars executive, has acquired the news website after founding a new media company that aims to bring a new independent voice to poker journalism.

Hollreiser, who was PokerStars’ vice-president corporate communications and marketing from 2011 to 2019, will serve as chief executive for Triple Barrel Media Limited. Its new management team includes creative director Chris Herd and content and commercial director Dave Woods.

The new editorial team will include poker journalists Haley Hintze and Jon Pill, along with PokerStars content creators Lee Jones and Simon Young.

Changes at include a new brand and logo and a focus on speaking for the independent voice and passion of poker players.

Hollreiser said: “I created Triple Barrel Media because I believe poker’s best days are coming and that a new, independent modern media company can help shape that future and provide an authentic platform for the voice of the more than 100 million poker players worldwide.”

“We want poker media to be different. We want to represent your voice, share your excitement for poker’s highs and lows, and help you literally and figuratively find your game. Poker has given us so much, and part of’s mission is to give back to the game and to you, the players that make it so popular.”

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