Better Collective acquires Brazilian sports media platform

By Dan Kleiner


Better Collective has acquired Brazilian sports media platform for an undisclosed amount.

Based in Sao Paulo, mainly covers football but also reports on basketball, volleyball, tennis and esports.

The deal also includes the site's other assets, which Better Collective will take over all operations. The affiliate explains the acquisition as an important step enabling it “to increase its presence and leverage its position as a leading media partner to advertisers in Brazil”.

Also highlighted is’s access to a network of content providers in the country. Better Collective will also explore other revenue streams on the site that until now have only used traditional advertising.

Simon Hovmand-Stilling, CEO of Better Collective South America, said that he’s excited by Better Collective’s first Brazilian sports brand.

The sports brand complements our strategic position in the region and will expand our reach and sports content production,” said Hovmand-Stilling. “Which in turn will make us even more relevant to our partners.”

“South America, and more specifically Brazil, is an important growth driver for Better Collective and fits perfectly with our vision of becoming the leading digital sports media group.”

The affiliate’s CEO for the region went on to explain how the Brazilian market represents “significant growth opportunities” as it looks at applying its M&A strategy used in Europe and North America.

“To build a leading position, localisation and strong media brands are key ingredients, acquiring fits perfectly into that strategy,” says Hovmand-Stilling.

Brazil launch

Recently, lawmakers filed 244 amendments to Provisional Measure (PM) No 1,182, the presidential decree which confirmed the 2018 law regulating the sports betting sector in Brazil.

The Brazilian legislature, the National Congress, has 120 days to approve the PM, which was unilaterally issued by the government. The PM may still fail in congress with speculation mounting after negative reception.

Better Collective’s 2023 financial targets remain unchanged following the acquisition.

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