iGB Affiliate London ranks in top 5% of UK B2B events

By Dan Kleiner


The 2023 edition of iGB Affiliate London has been ranked in the top 5% of UK trade events according to Explori

The specialist exhibition consultants conducted research into the event using a methodology which measures the willingness to recommend an event to peers and colleagues. This net promoter score (NPS) gave iGB Affiliate London 2023 a +61, an increase on the score of +51 in 2022.

Explori also researched exhibitor satisfaction and iGB Affiliate London scored a NPS of +62, an increase from +42 in 2022. Both are the highest scores recorded in the event’s history.

Naomi Barton, portfolio director, confirmed the ranking and explained why the NPS score is so important to the brand.

“NPS is used by event organisers to gauge satisfaction levels across the stakeholder community,” said Barton. “It asks attendees and exhibitors based exclusively on their at-show experience whether they would recommend attending the event to peers and colleagues. The number of detractors is subtracted from the number of promoters giving an NPS which can be in either positive or negative territory.”

The portfolio director went on to add that the NPS “measures the here and now as opposed to historical experience or brand reputation which is why it is so relevant to brands like ours that are committed to following a programme of continuous improvement.”

Barton then explains how these most recent scores will be used for future events. “Although the NPS scores represent a major endorsement of the experience the team worked so diligently to deliver, I'm pleased the research has also identified areas in which we can improve the experience for our customers,” she added.

“Our focus is on delivering those enhancements both for July’s edition of iGB Live! in Amsterdam and iGB Affiliate London in February 2024. I am grateful to our research sample for suggesting how and where we can make improvements.”

Raluca Turtica, PR Manager at show exhibitor Mate Affiliates, believes that events like iGB Affiliate London are crucial for businesses in the industry to stay updated on the latest trends, as well as providing networking opportunities and showcasing your offerings.

“I personally recognise the importance of leveraging iGB Affiliate London to build our brand, connect with industry leaders, and gain valuable insights into emerging technologies and market trends,” said Turtica.

“Internationalism is key and I believe that the diversity of perspectives and experiences represented at iGB Affiliate London contributed to what were meaningful and productive discussions on business opportunities and challenges,” she went on to add.

“We were thrilled to be part of such a dynamic and engaging event, and were particularly impressed by the high level of engagement and enthusiasm.”

The event also grew its attendance by 40%, with attendees traveling from more countries than before in the event’s history.

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