New Zealand residents find alcohol more harmful to society than gambling

By Dan Kleiner


A survey conducted by Minimum Deposit Casinos revealed that New Zealanders believe alcohol to be more harmful to society than gambling

Conducted in February 2023 by the casino affiliate, the survey consisted of over 111 adult New Zealand residents, chosen at random. The participants were asked by the affiliate questions on how harmful different activities were to society, what the relationship between government and online casinos should be and about their experience or knowledge on the topic of online casinos.

The study found that 66% of participants believed the greater risk of harm to society came from alcohol rather than gambling. While it also revealed that 43% of participants had played at an online casino.

According to Minimum Deposit Casinos, owned by Thimba Media, the survey also showed that the majority of New Zealanders believe the government has an important role in the regulation of online gambling. This was interpreted by the company following less than 10% of participants being content with the current regulatory situation.

Another standout from the survey according to the company was a low understanding of the online casino industry from residents. 83% of participants were unaware that SkyCity Online is based in Malta.

“We believe that if people were more aware of how the online gambling market works in New Zealand, they would be far more supportive of regulations to allow New Zealand companies to compete against their international competitors,” said the affiliate in its survey announcement.

Currently, due to regulations, it is illegal for online gambling to be provided in New Zealand, although it is legal to gamble as a New Zealand citizen on offshore websites.

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