Talent shortages driving flexible working, iGB-Pentasia update finds

By Stephen Carter

Head of content

A quarterly update on the annual iGB-Pentasia Salary Survey has found that talent shortages continue to undermine attempts by companies to return employees to full-time office work.

A recent Pentasia poll quoted in the report found just 22% of respondents to be working five days a week in the office, with 39% not attending at all.

“Companies are struggling to convince employees to return to the office, and candidates are increasingly standing firm and demanding flexible work arrangements,” said the specialist igaming recruitment consultant.

An insistence by companies on full-time office work “is driving away candidates and employees”, many of whom believe they have made the case for their being just as productive working remotely, it added in the update introduced by Pentasia MD Alastair Cleland.

The other headline trends identified and analysed in the update include a continued upward trend in salaries, the emergence of alternative staffing models to address talent shortages, LatAm providing opportunities to expand, D&I becoming more important to both employees and employers, and the growing importance of training and development in helping attract and retain talent.

You can read the full Q2 review here.

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

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