Softswiss Sportsbook rolls out new Lootbox bonus

By Robert Fletcher

Softswiss has announced the launch of a new ‘Lootbox’ bonus feature for its sportsbook service.

The Lootbox bonus allows players to achieve a certain amount of bonus points while making bets.

Once they have enough points to activate the bonus, players can choose one of the loot boxes that appear on the screen and win up to three free bets. Each free bet will be equal to the player’s average wager.

Softswiss clients can launch and manage the bonus, as well as optimise it for different player categories.

“When developing new bonuses, we always pay attention to market trends and the needs of the players and operators,” Softswiss Sportsbookm product manager Alexandr Kamenetskyi said.

“Gamification is what the market demands right now and it’s one of the key goals for Sportsbook. The Lootbox bonus is a great addition to the features we have already added to our solution.

“Moreover, it’s a new bonus type for the betting market, so it’s a double pleasure to offer exclusive tools for our partners and players.”

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