First Look Games launches new White Label Client Area

By Robert Fletcher

First Look Games (FLG), the platform that connects slot studios and affiliates for game promotion, has expanded its product offering to include a new White Label Client Area.

Based on the FLG platform, the White Label Client Area has been further developed to support operator access and asset delivery.

The FLG White Label Client Area has been tested with up to 30TB of allocated space and 800,000 active files, with the ability to support individual file sizes of 10GB.

The new area also offers the option to bring in custom functionality such as single sign-on via Oauth/Open ID or a third-party provider, while it can be hosted in any data centre in any country upon request.

In addition, the area is fully compatible with custom end user licence agreements on a per-game basis, allowing the studio to set up different EULA checks for specific games such as branded slots.

“A client game lobby acts as a shop window for operators and their casino managers, allowing them to see the studio’s slots and accompanying information, access marketing assets and even demo the games,” FLG managing director Tom Galanis said.

“But building a client area from scratch is rarely quick and normally pulls development resources from other projects. The First Look White Label Area is a ready-to-roll-out solution that allows studios to showcase their titles effectively and efficiently.

“Of course, it comes with the added benefit of having the option to automatically sync with our main First Look Games platform, allowing studios to unlock the full value of our growing suite of products and services seamlessly and easily.”

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