Apidae Digital launches new affiliate ranking tool

By Robert Fletcher

Acquisition marketing specialist Apidae Digital has launched apiRank, a tool that identifies the top affiliates in any market and by product.

apiRank provides operators with a vetted list of the top SEO affiliates in their chosen market and for specific products, which Apidae Digital said will help save resources and optimising company’s affiliate strategies.

The result from tailored keyword research is collected in the apiRank platform, combining all metrics and competitive insight across related sources, producing an initial shortlist.

The result is then further refined and reviewed, generating a unique list of affiliates relevant to operators’ specific requirements.

Apidae’s affiliate marketing team assesses the result and creates a scoring system of how well the ranked affiliates measure up to the target keywords, presenting a complete list of the top companies for the country.

“Our experienced affiliate team has time and time again been asked about who the top affiliates are in certain markets for specific products and we know that this can be a real headache for operators, Apidae Digital acquisition marketing consultant Matthew Fleri Soler said.

“We are thrilled to launch apiRank and to now be able to provide a defined method that gives a fair assessment of the affiliate list that operators are looking for, ranking them in order, and saving businesses time and resources to focus on more important tasks.”

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