Affilka reveals new partnerships in April

By Robert Fletcher

Softswiss brand Affilka has revealed it was able to secure more than five new partnerships during the month of April.

Affilka by Softswiss is now working with brands such as DolceVita Partners, FoggyStar Partners, Punch Partners and Affiliates

Each partner is now using the Softswiss solution to help promote their brand and increase gaming traffic.

Affilka’s tools include commission constructor, built-in payment processing, and real-time data available in CSV, JSON, and XML formats or via the recently launched Reports API feature.

“This spring is a fruitful time for the Affilka team,” Affilka product owner Anastasia Borovaya said. “We’re happy to welcome new affiliate programs launched in April! It’s a pleasure to see that interest, and most importantly, confidence in our product continues to grow.

“That’s what we always strive for when improving our product.”

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