Affilka by Softswiss launches new CPL commission model

By Robert Fletcher

Softswiss-owned affiliate marketing platform Affilka has added a cost per lead commission model.

All Affilka clients can now take advantage of CPL deals, allowing them to pay a fixed fee for every player registration.

Unlike the CPA commission model, which requires specific actions such as a deposit or further gaming activity from players upon registration, the CPL deal provides payments for all registrations.

However, operators can exclude commissions for players who have not been verified, who have another account in the casino, have been disabled, or have set a self-exclusion limit.

“Implementing CPL deals is another logical step in the development of our product; they offer a wealth of opportunities both for affiliates and operators,” Affilka by Softswiss head of product Anastasiya Borovaya said.

“They’re great for affiliates who are just starting out in the iGaming vertical or those who want to test out new brand offers and their conversion rates as well as new GEOs. Through CPL deals, igaming operators can increase brand awareness and attract affiliates from other niches.

“CPL pays less than CPA but converts better. To reap most benefits, you need to factor in traffic quality. Luckily, our commission constructor allows you to set various rules for a CPL reward to be triggered.”

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