Wynta partners SCCG Management in North America

By Richard Mulligan

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SCCG Management has announced a partnership with the Singapore-based software company, Wynta, to distribute its tracking and attribution software within the North American gaming markets.

The Wynta platform is a SaaS affiliate marketing software in the iGaming space, catering to online businesses across markets and verticals.

SCCG specialises in sports betting and data, developing worldwide brands, representation before governmental agencies for complex regulatory matters, intellectual property, and strategic business development within international, land-based casinos, internet gambling, gaming, esports, and entertainment markets.

Stephen Crystal, founder and CEO of Crystal, said: “We are pleased to be partnering with this ‘best in class’ solution for Tracking and Attribution. The team at Wynta, equipped with over 30 years of collective expertise in associated industries, created an innovative platform to present advanced technology and ground-breaking features for established and emerging clientele.”

Vanessa Braganza, chief operating officer of Wynta, said: “Wynta shares a great relationship with SCCG and we are ecstatic that our partnership commences at just the right time for us in the iGaming SaaS Martech space. We are currently poised to scale and enter new markets, so what better way than to make a mark with the expertise that SCCG’s Dream Team brings to the table!”

The businesses said: “With the collaboration of SCCG Management and Wynta, focusing on distribution growth in North America, they provide tremendous value to the entire gaming industry. SCCG’s ability to deploy platforms and solutions across its extensive ecosystem of gaming companies will be a crucial driver in the distribution of Wynta’s innovative software. The future is bright for the two partnering companies as Wynta plans to release more feature-laden products.”

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