WPT Global celebrates iGB Affiliate London official launch

| By Guy Parsons

Flurry of activity also includes WPT’s famous $1 for $1m event and a $100,000 freeroll.

As the igaming industry winds down from a successful iGB Affiliate London conference, the energy is still high for WPT Global as it officially launched the Global online platform representing the World Poker Tour brand.

In collaboration with Wingsuit, WPT Global and WPT Partners made their very first public appearance at iGB Affiliate London, bringing together their worldwide team and connecting with existing and new business partners and affiliates.

Any igaming brand knows you need to up the game when showcasing at such large events (6,000+ patrons at the London show!), and WPT Global sure did not disappoint. With an interactive VR flight simulator in action thanks to Wingsuit, WPT Global had a constant flow of eager participants – talk about effective engagement.

While the show can be considered a great success and prime timing for the brand’s official launch, there is quite a lot more to be anticipated as the wheels are officially in motion.

In the coming weeks, WPT Global will be releasing its full list of poker celebrity ambassadors – the list is a long one and includes an incredible roster of both well-known poker industry names and global celebrities. There is also still time to participate in the $1 for $1m event and of course to win $100 on registration for the company’s one-of-a-kind $100,000 freeroll!

The freeroll coincides with its partnership with Gamavrs, an NFT project that integrates poker-themed NFT avatars (“Poker Heroes”) into the WPT Global platform. Not only will these NFTs work as “Access NFTs” to verify their celebrity poker players, such as Steve Aoki, Tom Dwan or Phil Ivey, but players and NFT fans alike are able to purchase these NFTs for in-game perks such as $100,000 freerolls, VIP access to live WPT events and joining celebrity-only tables.

And for the growing base of WPT Global affiliates? They have the chance to get in on the action as well. In the coming weeks, there will be an exclusive offer for affiliates to obtain a free Poker Hero NFT.

The WPT Global brand is looking forward to becoming the main attraction for international poker players, with the top priority of a safe and secure gaming experience and competitive rewards for player loyalty.

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