igaming aggregator RevenueLab.Biz rebrands

| By Elena Carruthers

Huge range of new features now available on its brand-new platform

RevenueLab.biz, a global aggregator of affiliate programmes that brings together advertisers from the igaming industry and publishers worldwide, has announced an exciting new rebrand.

The revamped platform allows publishers to work with multiple advertisers through a single personal account. Additionally, advertisers get access to millions of clicks of quality igaming traffic from around the world.

In addition to a stylish design, the platform has many new features that help webmasters and advertisers to make money.

CPA and hybrid models added

RevenueLab used to work only with the revenue share model, but now CPA and hybrid options have been added to the site. Several top publishers can also access the CPL and CPI models. At the moment, RevenueLab is the only platform in the world that allows publishers to work with all payment models and all igaming brands within a single personal account.

Total redesign

The previous version of the personal account was outdated and in need of reform so the product team got to work. The result is that now there is almost nothing left of the old interfaces.

“Before we started creating new interfaces, we spent about four months on research,” said Valentin Darechkin, product manager at RevenueLab.biz. “We studied how our publishers worked with the current interface, what was missing and what was unnecessary. We conducted interviews, studied analytics data. All in all, it was worth it and now, I can confidently say that this is the best personal cabinet I have seen in the affiliate marketing industry during the seven years of my career.”

Access for advertisers to register is now open

Previously, advertisers had access to the platform individually, but now registration is open to everyone. The advertisers can register independently. Once registered, a personal manager will help with the integration. Brands integrated on the platform get access to the largest sites with the highest organic traffic, and publishers from the igaming industry worldwide.

What do publishers get?

There is no need to spend time searching and testing offers – your manager at RevenueLab.biz will select the most beneficial for you. Using our 11 years of experience in the igaming industry, we set up and prepare everything ourselves. 

  • Reliable partner in the igaming world 

RevenueLab.biz works directly with the world’s largest brands. We offer the best rev share conditions and you can rest assured that the advertiser will not unilaterally change your slice of rev share or CPA rate. In addition, our publishers continue to receive a commission for leads they acquired many years ago.

  • Summary statistics for all offers and payment models in a single personal account 

Everything is collected in one interface automatically, so there is no need to manually collect summary statistics and then bring it all together in Excel. 

  • Personal manager who represents your interests and arranges the best offers for you

No need to negotiate with dozens of affiliate managers and defend your interests in a dispute with an advertiser – your personal manager at RevenueLab will take care of everything, including preparation of references, and resolving disputable situations. RevenueLab.biz managers can effectively protect your interests.

  • All financial processes in one place  

No need to control and check the finances for each affiliate programme yourself; accept dozens of disparate payments to the payment systems convenient only for affiliate networks. RevenueLab.biz conducts a monthly reconciliation with the advertiser to audit and consolidate all the models (rev share, CPA, hybrid) and pay attention to the details of the publisher’s commission on time with a single consolidated payment.