iGB L!VE proves rewarding event for 247Partners

| By iGB Editorial Team
iGB L!VE_247

Amsterdam event saw the team interact with industry professionals from across the globe.

Rapidly growing affiliate programme 247Partners enjoyed another successful iGB L!VE, which took place at the RAI Amsterdam last week. The whole team attended, driven by the goal of strengthening bonds with current partners and discovering new affiliations within the industry.

The event served as a perfect platform for 247Partners to engage and interact with industry professionals from across the globe. With an arsenal of affiliate expertise and a clear vision for future expansion, the team successfully prepared the groundwork for several promising collaborations.

Commenting on the experience, Alex Boiko, head of affiliates at 247Partners, said, “Our participation at iGB L!VE 2023 was truly rewarding. We loved reconnecting with our current partners and discovering new affiliates who share our passion for gaming was an exciting experience. These new connections aren’t just about expanding our network, but also about understanding and exploring diverse affiliate marketing traffic channels.

“Understanding that affiliate marketing relies heavily on effective traffic channels, we had the opportunity to delve deeper into strategies involving SEO, email marketing, social media platforms, content marketing, and paid advertising. As we continue to work with our partners, we’re excited to implement innovative strategies and techniques for these traffic channels.

“These experiences and insights will help us to develop more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. We look forward to future collaborations and believe that these partnerships will greatly assist us in our ongoing efforts to innovate and expand in the affiliate igaming sector.”

The team is looking forward to the opportunities that will arise from connections made in Amsterdam.