Voonix goes live on AffPapa

| By Robin Harrison
Cloud-based affiliate stats collector joins growing number of collaborators

Cloud-based affiliate stats collector and business intelligence solution Voonix marks the most recent addition to the AffPapa directory.

Voonix helps enterprises automate data collection from more than 2,000 igaming brands and affiliate platforms to gain insight into vital business intelligence and earnings, thus optimising return on investment.

Voonix saves money and time and currently serves more than 150 igaming affiliates. It enables enterprises to monitor clicks, sign-ups, FTDs and earnings, regardless of the payment model.

Its open API facilitates integration with numerous business intelligence solutions for handling affiliate programmes, finance and much more.

Commenting on the partnership, Johannes Nordholm CCO of Voonix, said: “In a time where conferences and other ‘offline’ events are cancelled or moved, it’s never been more important to be seen in the right places online. We have known AffPapa and its team for several years and we’re excited to see AffPapa going live in a time where online exposure is more important than ever.

We are excited to promote our stats collector and BI platform for igaming affiliates on the AffPapa platform.”

Most importantly, this deal will expand Voonix’s base of affiliates, as well as provide a platform where they can boost their offers and get more organic interaction.

Chris Chandler, CEO of AffPapa, said: “Voonix is a very well-known platform in the market, probably the only real niche stats tool in the igaming industry, and I’m sure it’s going to be a valuable partner for us. I want to warmly

welcome Voonix to our family and hope for a seamless collaboration.”

So, are you an affiliate/operator looking for direct deals? Then AffPapa is the one!

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