Royal Partners

Royal Partners

Royal Partners operates as both an affiliate program and a direct advertiser for 12 prominent in-house iGaming brands. They offer several commission models to their affiliates:

About the company

Royal Partners allows affiliates to partner with well-known iGaming brands, offering multiple commission options, global reach, and support for various traffic sources. Affiliates can leverage this program to drive traffic to these brands and earn commissions based on player acquisition or revenue generated


  1. Affiliate Program Structure: Royal Partners is an affiliate program that directly works with 12 popular In-House iGaming brands. They offer flexible commission models such as CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), RevShare (Revenue Share), and Hybrid models to suit different affiliate preferences.

  2. Commission Models: Affiliates can earn commissions through CPA (earning a fixed amount for each qualifying player), RevShare (earning a percentage of the net revenue generated by referred players), or a Hybrid model combining both CPA and RevShare.

  3. Global Reach: With over 20 GEOs (Geographical Locations) covered worldwide, Royal Partners provides a global platform for affiliates to target various regions.

  4. Traffic Sources: Royal Partners welcomes both Influence and Affiliate traffic, allowing different types of partners (influencers, website owners, marketers) to participate in the program.

  5. Custom Media Assets: They offer custom media assets upon request, which can include banners, landing pages, or other promotional materials tailored to the needs of affiliates.

  6. Negative Carryover: Affiliates should be aware that negative carryover applies, meaning negative balances from one month can affect earnings in subsequent months.

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