Search marketing roundup: June 2024


By Corey Padveen

This edition sees iGBA editor-at-large Corey Padveen provide the headline takeaways for igaming affiliates including increased AI usage, Instagram’s Threads and Google advancements in ads and AI.

As we leave May behind, it’s safe to say that we saw several new marketing trends emerge, shaping strategies for online casino affiliates and search marketers. That holds especially true when you look at the huge changes announced by Google over the course of the month. Here's a look at some of the major developments we saw in May.

1. Increased utilisation of AI

AI's role in marketing continues to grow, with more marketers leveraging this technology to streamline processes and enhance content creation. AI tools are being used to generate creative content, analyse consumer behaviour, and optimise marketing strategies. We’ve seen a lot of great examples of the use cases for AI, and we’re still just at the beginning. For affiliates, use cases for messaging and offering personalisation continue to provide new avenues to stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

2. Emergence of new social platforms

With the rise of Instagram Threads and a shift in social media dynamics, there's an opportunity for casino affiliates to explore new platforms for engagement. Threads, for instance, has gained traction as a space for more text-focused updates, providing a fresh venue for sharing insights, stories, or updates about casino events or gaming tips. It is also a significantly less crowded space at the moment which gives smaller affiliates a chance to establish themselves as first movers.

3. AI as an assistant (not the decision maker) in PPC

With AI becoming more integrated into Google Ads, it's essential to view AI as an assistant rather than a replacement. Scepticism is necessary as AI-driven recommendations may not always align with strategic goals​, but affiliates can still utilise AI features in PPC campaigns judiciously. Analyse AI suggestions critically and ensure that any implemented changes align with your overall marketing strategy, focusing on achieving the best ROI.

4. Google I/O Makes AI the Star

During its annual I/O conference, Google made it clear that the momentum we’ve seen with AI shows no sign of slowing down - at least now on its end. Over 100 major announcements were made at the event (see them all here) with AI taking centre stage for the majority. On the affiliate front, PPC will see the greatest impact from Google’s announcements, particularly as it relates to contextualized advertising. Content and relevance will be more important than ever, so consider that as you continue to develop new content to drive engagement from your campaigns. 

AI was clearly the star of May, both within the affiliate marketing industry and more broadly across the search and PPC landscapes. We’re seeing new opportunities for marketers with each passing month, and there’s no doubt more is to come as we move ahead into the summer.


Corey Padveen

is a partner at t2 Marketing International, editor-at-large for iGB and the author of Marketing to Millennials for Dummies. He is also a contributing author to Digital Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.

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