Search marketing roundup: May 2024

This edition sees iGBA editor-at-large Corey Padveen provide the headline takeaways for igaming affiliates gleaned from several recent state-of-the-nation reports on digital marketing.

Welcome to a new and exciting year of the affiliate marketing industry roundup! Here’s what’s been buzzing in the online casino affiliate marketing and search marketing industries in April, with insights from the latest updates and how you can use these trends to enhance your strategies.

1. Increased optimism and budgets in digital marketing

The Nielsen 2024 Annual Marketing Report highlights a surge in optimism among marketers, with 72% expecting bigger ad budgets despite economic uncertainties. This is up from 64% the previous year​ (Nielsen)​. For casino affiliates, this means there's more room to experiment with diverse advertising strategies, especially in high-ROI channels like social media and search marketing. Consider allocating more budget to these areas, testing new ad formats, or increasing your presence in emerging markets.

2. Shift towards performance marketing

While 70% of marketers plan to prioritise performance marketing, there's a warning against neglecting brand-building efforts, which could lead to long-term ROI issues​ (Nielsen)​. Casino affiliates should balance performance-driven tactics, like PPC campaigns and affiliate promotions, with brand-building activities such as content marketing and customer engagement initiatives. This dual approach ensures immediate conversions while fostering lasting customer loyalty.

3. Discrepancy in marketing confidence and measurement

Although there’s high confidence in ROI measurement capabilities (84%), only 38% of marketers feel they adequately measure holistic ROI across digital and traditional marketing​ (Nielsen)​. This discrepancy suggests a need for improved integration and tracking of cross-channel marketing efforts. For casino affiliates, implementing robust analytics tools to track user interactions across all platforms and adjusting strategies based on these insights will be crucial for understanding the true impact of their marketing efforts.

4. Privacy as a marketing focus

With growing concerns around data privacy, marketers need to prioritize consumer trust through strong privacy practices. According to Think with Google, only 3% of consumers feel in control of their data online. Transparency in how consumer data is used can foster trust and potentially drive customer loyalty and growth​ (Think with Google)​. For affiliates, it’s essential to be clear about how user data is collected and used. Consider implementing more transparent consent mechanisms and privacy policies. This could also be a selling point in your promotions, appealing to users who value privacy.

5. Responsible AI in marketing

With AI becoming ubiquitous in marketing, there's a pressing need for responsible usage. Marketers are encouraged to combine AI with human insights to ensure that campaigns are not only effective but also ethically sound​ (Think with Google)​. With regards to affiliate marketing, it is important to remember to use AI responsibly by ensuring that any automated content or recommendations adhere to gambling regulations and ethical guidelines. Also, balance AI-driven insights with human oversight to maintain brand voice and compliance.

6. Expanding search beyond text

Search is evolving to include voice and visual elements, with tools like Google Lens and voice assistants playing larger roles. So what can affiliates do to take advantage of this shift? Optimize your content for voice search and incorporate visual search capabilities on your platforms. Ensure that your site’s content is accessible through these newer search methods, possibly leading to increased engagement and user acquisition.

These insights from the past month reflect a dynamic and evolving marketing landscape. By embracing these trends and adapting your strategies accordingly, you can better position your business for success in an increasingly competitive market.


Corey Padveen

is a partner at t2 Marketing International, editor-at-large for iGB and the author of Marketing to Millennials for Dummies. He is also a contributing author to Digital Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.

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