The igaming talent wars: how to be victorious


By Cordelia Morgan-Cooper

From her long experience in HR and recruitment, Cordelia Morgan-Cooper returns with an in-depth look at the igaming talent wars to uncover where the battle lines are being drawn by employers and how to attract the best employees to your side.

Amidst the dynamic landscape of the igaming industry, one of the most crucial battlegrounds is to be found in the ways companies compete for talent. It truly is the difference between a company succeeding or failing.

Over the past 10 years, fast growth within the igaming industry has sparked intense competition for skilled professionals, igniting what can only be described as a talent war. With skills shortages and certain roles in high demand, the stakes are high and there really is all to play for in the recruitment game.

Attracting and retaining top talent has become a strategic imperative for igaming companies looking to gain a competitive edge. From software developers and data analysts to CRM specialists, and compliance officers, the demand for specialised skills is relentless. Moreover, as the industry continues to expand into new markets and diversify its offerings, the need for talent with a diverse range of expertise becomes even more pressing.

Navigating challenges

First and foremost, companies must prioritise their brand as an employer. In a sector where the competition for talent is fierce, standing out as an employer of choice is essential. This involves more than just offering competitive salaries; it's about cultivating a workplace culture that fosters innovation, collaboration and personal growth. 

Companies that invest in employee development programmes, offer flexible work arrangements and promote diversity and inclusion are more likely to attract top talent and retain them in the long-term

Over the past five years, we have seen an increase in CSR initiatives favoured by several businesses. From company charity days supporting local animal shelters to This Years Rule initiative by Tom Galanis at TAG Media or sea clean-ups in Malta, businesses are working hard to show that the why (as in why employees should work there) is clear for the world to see. 

Ultimately, companies that invest in employee development programmes, offer flexible work arrangements, be it hybrid, fully remote or fixed work-from-home days and promote diversity and inclusion are more likely to attract top talent and retain them in the long-term.

Furthermore, building a strong employer brand requires a proactive approach to talent acquisition. Instead of waiting for positions to open up, igaming companies should actively engage with potential candidates through targeted recruitment campaigns, networking events and industry conferences. 

By building relationships with top talent before they even start their job search, companies can gain a competitive advantage in securing the best candidates for their teams. At CMC Consulting we have seen a steep increase in businesses engaging with us on 12-month recruitment plans clearly showcasing that talent acquisition is a key consideration.

Training up

Another crucial aspect of gaining the upper hand in the igaming industry is investing in training and upskilling initiatives. Given the rapid pace of technological change and regulatory developments in the sector, employees need to continually update their skills to stay relevant. 

Companies that provide opportunities for professional development, whether through internal training programmes or external certifications, not only enhance their employees' capabilities but also demonstrate a commitment to their long-term success. 

Given the rapid pace of technological change and regulatory developments in the sector, employees need to continually update their skills to stay relevant

Businesses like MadeYou (an industry-leading training and coaching business) are in hot demand and Luke Todd and his team work closely with CEOs and executive teams to help support both managers and employees on their learning journey. It’s no wonder that companies are truly investing in the future of their teams considering how competitive the industry is.

Nurturing culture

Moreover, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship can help igaming companies attract and retain top talent. In an industry known for its fast-paced and dynamic nature, employees want to work for companies that encourage creativity and empower them to take risks. 

Both flatter and smaller leadership structures are still favoured by most igaming businesses, which is also especially important for GenZ and their expectations of team structures. By providing a supportive environment where employees are encouraged to experiment, challenge the status quo, and pursue new ideas, companies can tap into the full potential of their workforce and drive innovation forward.


I spoke recently on a podcast with Heidi Loftus, project director at HR Connect, about how a pick ’n’ mix approach to benefits is really the best way for companies to stay competitive. My team and I have seen a real increase in this kind of model in the past year when it comes to business offerings in Malta, Cyprus and beyond. 

What's the point of offering a free gym membership if over half the workforce won't use it? It makes much more sense to use those funds elsewhere with perhaps a more comprehensive health insurance policy, a home office set-up fund or contributions to phone bills or Wi-Fi charges.

What's the point of offering a free gym membership if over half of the workforce won't use it?

Companies have to get creative if they really want to attract and retain great talent. One platform and events business has launched a great new benefit recently with the opportunity to work from any of the business' global offices from Manila to Cyprus for a period each year. That's a pretty cool incentive and not only encourages employees to travel but also helps people in different offices meet and foster stronger working relationships. A win-win situation!

Back into the office

Flexible working is also a big driver when it comes to attracting strong talent and there are certain roles where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get those employees back into an office. Covid and the change in market conditions mean that for certain roles (predominantly within tech) where the requirement is to be on-site, which is a real challenge in recruiting for these positions.

Speaking to several colleagues from within the recruitment industry the opinions are pretty unanimous in this respect. Melissa Tresoldi, recruitment founder of Melody Recruitment added, “Many companies could previously rely upon the majority of their staff benefiting from shiny new offices with free coffee or croissants along with the odd competitive game of table tennis to bring employees together.

“The question is how they will replicate these conditions and meet new challenges in the future where the majority of their employees are working behind laptops from the comfort of their own homes’.

Ultimately, winning the talent wars in the igaming industry requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses employer branding, talent acquisition, employee development, innovation and thinking outside of the box. 

By investing in these areas and prioritising the needs and aspirations of their workforce, igaming companies can build sustainable competitive advantages that drive long-term success in an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace. It’s certainly an interesting time for our industry and I'm excited to see how things develop.

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