NetRefer unveils CoPilot AI for affiliate marketing revolution at iGB Affiliate London

By iGBA Editorial Team

Debut live demonstration of innovative AI solution set to take place during iGB Affiliate London event in February.

In a statement, Dexter Cutajar, CEO of NetRefer, expressed the company’s excitement about the impact NetRefer CoPilot AI will have on Affiliate Marketing: “For years, we’ve invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology, but nothing presents a bigger transformation in igaming affiliate marketing than the potential of AI technology.”


NetRefer migrated to cloud technology with Microsoft Azure three years ago. Since then, its partnership with the tech giant has magnified, leading to the creation of this remarkable project. “NetRefer is the first to market with such advanced AI capabilities for affiliate marketing,” Cutajar explained. “Our CoPilot AI intends to reshape the affiliate marketing landscape. It’s powered by leading tech partners such as Microsoft and Databricks to ensure a product that will pioneer the industry.”


Shedding light on the practical applications of CoPilot AI, Mark Scerri Pace, head of product delivery at NetRefer, said: “There are two ways how NetRefer CoPilot AI can currently be used. It allows users to ask performance-related questions, such as querying specific data points, or inquire about complex scenarios, like identifying top-performing affiliates with the highest converted first-time depositors (FTDs) and net revenue."


Alongside performance data analysis, NetRefer CoPilot AI will also have a knowledge base option, providing rapid responses to platform-related questions and enabling users to maximise the full potential of the many resources.


NetRefer CoPilot AI ensures that the data provided is not only rapid but exceptionally reliable on an unmatched scale and accessible 24/7/365, allowing businesses to retrieve important insights whenever needed.


“By providing instant answers to complex queries, businesses can gain greater clarity to inform crucial decision-making,” said Mark Scerri Pace. “Detailed assessments of various metrics, including media types, landing pages, monetary data, net revenue, commissions, dynamic variables, KPIs, conversion rates, acquisition rates, customer lifetime value, CTR, and ROI, will be just simple prompts away.”


NetRefer plans to launch CoPilot AI to a select number of partners in preview mode by the end of Q1. This phase will allow users to experience the capabilities of AI and be ready for its full release later in the year. NetRefer encourages industry experts to test and prompt CoPilot AI’s potential at Stand L54 during the iGB Affiliate London event.

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