Search marketing roundup: November 2023


By Corey Padveen

Corey Padveen returns with his review of the latest need-to-know updates from Snapchat, ChatGPT, Ally Financial and of course Google.

November 2023 has been a whirlwind of marketing updates that could seriously shake things up for us. Let’s dive in and see what’s new and how we can leverage these changes:

1. Snapchat's collaboration game changer

Snapchat is stepping up its game. They've introduced 'Paid Partnership Tags' so creators can clearly mark sponsored posts. Plus, they're expanding their Creator Marketplace and adding midrolls in creator Stories. What's this mean for us? We've got a whole new playground for collaborations and ads. Imagine partnering with influencers to showcase your casino or gambling services in a fun, transparent way. Snapchat's large audience could be a goldmine for reaching potential players.

Source: Social Media Today

2. ChatGPT Goes Vocal

ChatGPT is no longer just about typing; it's listening and speaking now! This update means even free users can control the app with their voice. Think about the possibilities for content creation and voice search optimization. We can start creating more interactive, voice-driven content for our websites or campaigns. This could boost our SEO game and make our sites more engaging.

Source: Search Engine Journal

3. Ally Financial’s AI magic

Ally Financial introduced Ally.ai, a large language model that's changing the content creation game. It can whip up article drafts from podcast transcripts in a fraction of the usual time. For us in the affiliate world, this could mean a massive reduction in the time and effort needed for content creation. More engaging blog posts, video scripts, and SEO-friendly content, with less sweat? That’s every affiliate’s dream.

Source: Marketing Dive 

4. Google’s tech reminder

Google's team dropped some real talk about SEO. They're reminding us to get the basics right – make sure your site is crawlable and indexable. It's like they're saying, “Folks, don’t just chase the shiny new tactics; fix your foundations first.” This is a wake-up call for us to focus on our websites' technical health. If Google can’t find or understand your site, all your fancy marketing strategies won’t matter much.

Source: Search Engine Journal 

So, what's the takeaway? November brought us some exciting tools and important reminders. From Snapchat's new features offering fresh avenues for partnerships and ads, to leveraging AI for more efficient content creation, and not forgetting the fundamentals of SEO – it's a lot to take in but definitely worth exploring.

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