CEO as a one man show Taking your affiliate business to the next level

By Aaron Noy

On-demand webinar looking at how you can scale and develop your affiliate business, even if you’re going it alone.

This webinar looks at how you can scale and develop your affiliate business, even if you’re going it alone.

You might be a savvy digital marketer, an expert on search, or a passionate content creator – but how can you ensure you’re exploiting your talents to the maximum?

Our speakers have been successfully setting up and growing businesses for decades – so what have they learnt in that time? What do they wish they’d known at the beginning of their journeys, and what can they teach us today that will help you get the best from what you’ve got?

Stephanie Wynters is CEO of AffiliateGY, offering affiliate management and consultancy to affiliate programmes and affiliates. She’s a passionate educator who loves to use her experience to help others understand how to improve their businesses.

Our next speaker is Bertan Baytekin, serial entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Protipster, a community-driven sports betting affiliate business, FutbolArena, one of the leading Turkish sports media portals, and most recently Co-Founder of AppJobs, the world’s largest community of gig-workers with nearly 1 million members in more than 200 cities across the globe.

They’ll be sharing top tips on some of the key things you need to know to keep your business growing. What elements of running your business can you outsource, and how should you choose your partners? When is the right time to take on a member of staff? Should you look for investment? How should you go about it? Do you need a mentor? And a host of other questions.

Our speakers bring a wealth of experience in numerous sectors for you to draw upon, so be sure not to miss this business masterclass – the CEO as a One Man Show.

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