Why affiliates are feeling the squeeze in the hiring market

By iGBA Editorial Team

Chrysavgi Patera, igaming recruitment consultant at Pentasia, delves into the hiring instability and trends for the gambling affiliate industry

Based on the latest marketing insights and trends within the industry and at Pentasia, there has been an increase in affiliate hirings which is boosted by a large talent pool. This is a stark contrast to the rest of the igaming industry, as reported in the iGB Pentasia Salary Survey 2022.

Layoffs, restructures, and instability. These previously unheard-of phrases in igaming have become more and more prominent in recent news cycles, and affiliate marketing has not gone unscathed. Having spoken to numerous candidates over the past few months, those still in employment might not be faring much better.

Large talent pool

Affiliates are feeling the squeeze, believing that they are not being given the same amount of time or investment as their colleagues in other departments. All these factors combined are resulting in a large talent pool looking for their next challenge, where they can apply their experience and skill set.

The after-effects of the pandemic are also prominent, as candidates not only seek to progress in their careers but are valuing flexible and remote work, along with company culture, more than ever.

With so many affiliates available in the market, companies are starting to pay attention. The need for professionals who are skilled at building and maintaining relationships with affiliates and optimising campaigns is becoming increasingly crucial. A strong communicator with a deep understanding of performance marketing, data analysis, and affiliate relations is essential.

Startups in particular are seeking experienced professionals who have been working in the industry for at least four to five years and have knowledge of various gambling markets and jurisdictions. For example, companies are offering head of affiliate positions with the possibility of becoming an affiliate director, along with the opportunity to build the affiliate team/department from the ground up.

Value for money

One notable change is that companies are now seeking highly specialised candidates, requiring them to have experience in specific affiliate systems and platforms. Before, general utilisation of an affiliate platform used to be the requirement. Employers are also wanting to ensure they are getting value for money, so candidates with an established affiliate network based in different geographies are highly sought-after, as this acts as validation of their ability to drive traffic, increase revenue streams, and add value to the business. This shift in the market underscores the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends and acquiring specialised knowledge to remain competitive.

I believe that the quality of candidates that have entered the market over the last few months has continued to improve, and it is now a fantastic time for affiliates to be hiring. Specialising in the affiliate marketing space has given me a considerable understanding of the concerns that both candidates and clients face, as on both sides of the spectrum there is always a potential cause for concern when hiring.

Brand reputation

Affiliates are concerned about brand reputation taking a hit if a new role does not work out, and from the client’s point of view, the affiliate marketer may promise things that they simply won’t be able to deliver on, potentially caused by not having a strong affiliate network or not having a trusted brand name in the market.

Working with recruitment agencies can soften the struggles of trying to hire with such a large talent pool out in the market. Agencies can help identify the right talent for the role, assist the hiring process and crucially, mitigate the risks for both sides.

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