Meet the Manager: V.Partners’ Natalia Hurina

By Tamara Birch

Natalia Hurina, head of affiliates at V.Partners, on how she entered the industry, what makes V.Partners unique and why Chat GPT won’t threaten her job – for now.

If you had a free ad to sell yourself as an affiliate manager in 10 words or less, what would it say?  Straightforward, goal-orientated and always set to form strategic partnerships.


Where are you based for work? Show us the views from your desk. I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine. As much as my team enjoys working from home, our office is on another level.

What is the one thing you love most about working for V.Partners? The one thing in business I love most is the people, and for me, working for V.Partners is all about my colleagues and my friends for life!

Building strong networks inside and outside the team is essential. I concentrate on strong, uninterrupted connections with website owners, product creators and other affiliates. It’s also about having a great team around me. You can’t be successful in affiliate marketing without strong co-thinkers.

How did you get into the industry? Six years ago, I had no idea about affiliate marketing. My friend told me about the job and I immediately wanted to try it. I had zero experience but I knew it would become my passion – and things turned out exactly how I thought they would. A few months later, I found myself attending a conference for mobile subscriptions in Spain. It was quite a success for an industry newcomer and that’s when I saw my future within the affiliate niche.

Which are your favourite partners to work with? Why?  I appreciate communicating with everyone. You can find a personal approach to everyone and qualitatively plan the workflow. However, if I must highlight the most comfortable channels to work with, these would be SEO websites and Google Ads. Anyone can build the most effective affiliate networks, thanks to these creators.

How is V.Partners unique in the industry? Honesty is the primary principle we focus on. V.Partners’ work is efficient and transparent. We’re always ready to help each of our partners and provide the necessary support. In our workflow, we’re looking specifically at long-term cooperation offers, and V.Partners is proud to have them as our partner veterans of the igaming niche.


V.Partners also provides complete statistics and has high payout rates. We improve our services because there is always room to grow, even if our offers are already well known. We also try to add new brands at least once a year.

What are the main qualities and skills a person needs to become a successful affiliate manager in the igaming sector? For me, it doesn’t really matter whether an affiliate works in igaming or any other niche. We always consider high-quality communication with a potential partner – but we also appreciate personal boundaries. Flexibility, patience and problem-solving skills are critical as well, but I know these factors are valuable in every industry.

As head of affiliates at V.Partners, I have to implement management mastery into all fields of work. Analytical skills and attention to detail are significant advantages, too.

What do you think about Chat GPT? Is it a job killer or a tool that gets too much attention without reason? It’s hard to deny Chat GPT is growing in popularity, but it’s not my style to rely on technology. Chat GPT is a tool that has advantages and disadvantages. I believe AI saves time in performing simple actions, like proof-checking emails, for example.

However, it’s still not perfect. It won’t be able to replace a real affiliate human anytime in the near future, that’s for sure. I always double-check all text, even after using Chat GPT. From my perspective, AI has a long way to go before becoming a ‘job killer’.

"You can find a personal approach to everyone and qualitatively plan the workflow"
Natalia Hurina

How could you describe the biggest challenge for modern affiliate managers?  It’s no secret that the igaming industry is becoming tougher in terms of restrictions and laws, so I constantly have to find new solutions. Searching for new growth prospects is a must. If not, our brands would cease to exist. Not a day goes by without a challenge, but 2023 proves we can cope with anything.

What does your perfect day look like? I love physical activity. Going for a walk and getting enough sleep is on the top of my list at the weekend. I also often read books when I’m in the mood to relax. As a very social person, a day out on the weekend with my friends and family is also great. If only we affiliates had more time to relax!

What do you like most in your igaming affiliate marketing job? For me, it’s how the market is evolving faster than anyone can notice. I don’t have the chance to get bored performing monotonous work because it’s moving so quickly.

The industry has its pitfalls, especially the ever-changing regulations, but as long as the constant variety doesn’t get me bogged down in the routine of everyday work, I’m fine. This is exactly what is needed for a person like me, dynamic and eager to learn new things.

Where can affiliates find you online? Reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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