iGB Affiliate Awards 2021 Shortlist: Cashmagnet Ltd

By Louella Hughes

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We spoke to the shortlisted Cashmagnet ahead of the 2021 edition of the iGB Affiliate Awards.

We spoke to Cashmagnet ahead of the 2021 edition of the iGB Affiliate Awards.

Company name: Cashmagnet Ltd

Shortlisted for: Rising Star

What does making the shortlist mean to you as a business?

Getting shortlisted gives meaning and recognition to what we do. I could not be more proud of our team, which has grown to around 25 people in slightly under two years. Everyone still feels like family and we have an amazing hype in the office. Getting shortlisted also gives credit and respect to our army of igaming professionals. Obviously there is still one more step before we can truly celebrate...

How did you celebrate the news of being shortlisted?

To be honest, as a celebration manoeuvre, we just put some rocket fuel in the gas tank and started speeding towards the win. Everyone knows how much this win would mean, not only for us a company, but for their personal professional track record. For me as co-founder, it was a rather emotional moment to finally get some recognition for the extremely long days I’ve put into this together with the other co-founder, Paavo Salonen. But as I said, we came for the win, and we do not have time to celebrate before the win is ours.

How will you celebrate if you win?

We will take the whole team out, book a good restaurant for the exclusive use of the Cashmagnet crew, and raise a toast (or several). We will also be travelling in big numbers to the next major affiliate conference to make sure everyone gets to know our amazing team!

What changes or improvements made over the past 12 months do you feel proved decisive in your making this year’s shortlist?

Our enormous growth and ambition. In just a bit under two years, Mr Gamble has launched on multiple markets and built some in-house, completely state-of-the-art tech to match and beat any other affiliate site out there. Our growth curve on any SEO meter is looking amazing and we are also very well known in the streaming society, having worked with dozens of game providers and casinos in the business.

See the full shortlist here.

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