StatsDrone launches affiliate cloud app with free trial offer

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Opportunity for affiliates to try before they buy with all features unlocked during 30-day trial

Program stats tracker gives affiliates the opportunity to try before they buy with all features unlocked during 30-day trial

StatsDrone is pleased to announce the release of their cloud app for online gambling affiliates to aggregate their stats. The app previously was in a beta program being tested by a few select affiliates and is now fully released.

Best of all the app is available for a 30 day tree trial for igaming affiliates to test out. After the 30 days, affiliates can register the starter plan for only $29 USD/month. StatsDrone will be launching more advanced features and tools for affiliates that will be part of the Pro and Enterprise plans in the coming months.

The app works by logging into all iGaming affiliate programs and pulling the clicks, FTDs, deposits and commissions generated. It can get your balances if you have an account that has collected commissions for a while, sometimes an indication of payments not going through or needing to update. It will highlight deposits and CPA earnings too.

We’ve made sure to include over 500 programs, including the most popular igaming affiliate softwares such as NetRefer, MyAffiliates, Income Access, SoftSwiss, Post Affiliate Pro and many more.

With more features being added each month, we already have the following most requested features:

  • Negative balance calculations
  • High data accuracy, with manual checks by our team to ensure the correct metrics.
  • A fast data sync speed  to connect affiliate program data whenever you choose.
  • A growing affiliate program directory of over 600 affiliate programs to discover


The app currently supports over 500 affiliate programs and plans to add a few hundred more over late Q1 2022. StatsDrone has launched with their starter plan starting at $29 USD/month and affiliates get to try the app 30 days free trial. The company plans to launch with more advanced features for affiliates with their Pro and Enterprise plans also launching late Q3 early Q4. 100% cloud based, securely hosted, and able to log into your affiliate programs to pull current and historical data, you can be sure that your metrics will be accessible 24/7, anywhere in the world. StatsDrone also includes an export function to download your stats, which is especially useful for changing affiliate marketing tracker platforms.

StatsDrone co-founder John Wright said: “I’m thrilled to finally be able to say we have launched StatsDrone out of the beta program. We’ve had a few bumps in the road in our development in switching programming teams and scrapping our desktop app. However we believe our cloud version is the way of the future and we can now focus on building out more features that we feel affiliates will want and need to do their job.

"Our tools can help new affiliates get off the ground and also to help save time and money for the larger affiliate groups that are well established. We want to change the world of affiliate marketing and for us this all starts with our StatsDrone app.“

Affiiliate and StatsDrone user Graeme McGaw of added: “A sportsbook affiliate program that I don't really work with anymore had amassed 13 new depositors since I last checked, 24 hours prior. This program might only get me 1-2 signups per month if that. All of that was due to Statsdrone. If I hadn't been using StatsDrone, I would have been unaware of all the signups at the weaker sportsbook until the end of the month. Instead thanks to StatsDrone, I was able to drive more players to one sportsbook in 12 hours than I normally do in a month. “ A representative from said: “Saves hours of admin essential when you have 100s of merchants and multiple sites, and very useful for mid-sized affiliates. Alleviates the major headaches of logging into vpn + exporting and synchronizing tons of reports- saves us tens of hours, monthly."

To see if StatsDrone fits your affiliate marketing model, sign up at StatsDrone for your 30-day free frial, with no risk and all features unlocked during the trial period.

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