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By Dan Kleiner


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In 2023, AI tools have become a must for any successful affiliate marketer who knows how to make the most of his campaigns.

How do you implement automated features into the daily routine and generate profit? iGB Affiliate together with RichAds CMO, Vasilii Gamov, and other distinguished speakers held a webinar on this topic.

In the article we’ll briefly explain why this webinar, which you can watch here, is the greatest source of valuable info and how you can benefit from it.

Spoiler — you’ll learn about the tools that can speed up all the stages of your work, starting from making creatives and tracking your results to optimising your campaigns in one click.

AI tools in affiliate marketing: how can they leverage your results?

The future of AI technologies in marketing is more than promising. According to Market Research Future the market size of artificial intelligence in the field of marketing is expected to reach $77bn (£63bn/€73bn) by 2030.

In terms of helping affiliates, there are several main features powered by AI that can be of great help:

Spy tools

Those are the features that can assist in creatives’ search and trends analysis. They can accelerate the process of finding appropriate and up-to-date images and texts for your campaigns in any vertical. There are various filters that help in choosing the right options.

Keyword search

With the help of artificial intelligence marketers can spend less time researching the most suitable keywords for their websites. Tools powered with such technologies allow to fully analyse the volumes on each word, competition as well as relevancy.

Content generators

Those are the tools that can create texts for affiliates’ ads as well as websites. The algorithms can even find a specific tone of voice suitable for a brand as well as analyse the target audience and fit the phrases into its preferences.

Optimisation features

Those are a must for any webmaster — bids and targeting adjustment according to your desired cost per conversion and target audience. Also, some ad platforms offer such features even without tracking, while others can even predict trends on the market in advance using big data.

Those are the main AI features to simplify the work of any marketer. The webinar also explored several examples as well as their implementation in the sphere.

Webinar overview

As mentioned before, together with RichAds CMO, Vasilii Gamov, shared his expertise on the usage of AI instruments in the affiliate marketing industry in the recent webinar.

Title: AI and affiliate marketing: disruptive tech to shoot your business sky-high


  1. The development of AI technologies in affiliate marketing
  2. How AI can elevate your creatives and landing pages to new heights
  3. The essential 2023 checklist of AI tools for igaming marketers
  4. In-house AI capabilities, including RichAds’ optimisation features

Watch on demand: here

First of all on the webinar, we looked into the development of AI technologies, the industry trends and how they will expand in the future. Basically, we tried to predict what’s to come and free affiliates of routine tasks.

After that, the examples of tools for creatives and landing pages creation were shown. Not only classic spy tools driven by AI, but also features that can generate images from scratch based on your competitors’ data and product info.

Third point of the discussion was the overall list of tools that came in handy to any marketer in 2023 and boost his ROI. Experts shared their opinions on each of the tools as well as provide the “essentials” shortlist. That was one of the many highlights with plenty of practical advice and insights.

Finally the in-house AI features were reviewed. Our guest from RichAds explained how their team implemented AI into the platform and explained how each of the AI optimisation tools works. Of course, explanation was backed up with internal data and stats from affiliates that already apply these functions.

Vasilii from RichAds elaborated “Optimisation is a task that can’t be avoided by an affiliate if it wants to get higher CR and profits. The question is how to make it faster and put it on the rails of automation? Our team has actually done its best to make optimisation effortless and easy-to-apply. In the webinar, we spoke about each of the features we offer but most importantly about each benefit the features can offer you”.

Stay tuned for more information on the “AI in affiliate marketing” webinar together with RichAds and other distinguished guests.

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