New BetFury casino affiliate programme offers up to 60% RevShare

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BetFury crypto casino has launched an exclusive new Affiliate Program offering potential high profits for influencers and opinion leaders.

BetFury crypto casino has launched an exclusive new affiliate programme offering potential high profits for influencers and opinion leaders.

This astonishing opportunity to become a partner with BetFury offers them the chance to earn up to 60% of the net revenue on referred players! Let's take a closer look at this system.

About BetFury

BetFury is a crypto casino with more than four million registered users and a friendly community all over the world. The platform has 8,000+ online casino games and an opportunity for mining, staking and sports betting. Players can use 55+ different cryptocurrencies and a unique internal BFG token to play.

How does the BetFury affiliate programme work?

The new affiliate programme is a convenient way to earn money due to your popularity. Your followers and fans follow the referral link, play and show activity, thereby making the BetFury brand more recognisable. Therefore, the platform shares part of the profits with you! The income percentage varies depending on the quality of the traffic and is determined in the range of 25% to 60%. Income less than $5K generates 25%, and income over $50K increases profit up to 50%. The exclusive 60% offer is reserved for the most experienced and world-famous influencers. Besides, during the first two months of the campaign, there is a special offer - all partners who made a deal with the platform receive 50% rev share, regardless of the amount of traffic and GGR. This whole programme is designed for mutual profit so that both sides will enjoy success.

Benefits of partnering with BetFury

There are many reasons why it is worth teaming up with BetFury and joining the affiliate programme:

  • Favourable payouts: In total, BetFury has paid out over $3m to affiliates. You will receive payments on the first day of each month, without carrying over the minus to the next month.
  • Professional support: BetFury has fast and high-quality support 24/7. Experienced affiliate managers will provide you with the necessary information and promotional materials and answer any of your requests.
  • Traffic performance: The high amount of different bonuses and other opportunities for users allow you to keep your traffic on the platform as efficiently as possible. This is especially true for newcomers because of creating exclusive welcome bonus packs that allow them to immediately plunge into online gambling.
  • Social media retention: Social networks are the key to the unification and retention of any audience. BetFury has been promoting the product in the social media space for three years and you can check out the result of it on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, BetFury Sports Twitter and BetFury Sports Telegram.

Therefore, the new BetFury affiliate programme is a great opportunity for influencers of any level. It's an interesting and profitable system because together it's always easier to succeed!

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