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Are you looking for a reliable and transparent affiliate programme to partner with? Look no further than Feature Affiliates of Scatters Group.

Are you looking for a reliable and transparent affiliate programme to partner with? Look no further than Feature Affiliates of Scatters Group.

Join our exclusive network of promoting five distinguished casino and sportsbook brands and start converting players today. You will be guaranteed full transparency, an open line of communication, and timely payments.

Building trust

At Scatters Group, we understand the importance of trust and reliability in the ever-competitive igaming industry. That's why we called it upon ourselves to foster an environment of openness and honesty with our affiliate partners. We also understand the importance of keeping our partners up-to-date. Thus, we are committed to always be on time in our communications.

Our professional team of Feature Affiliates is always there to clarify reports, respond promptly to every query, and rectify any issue that may arise. As our partner, you will be granted full access to all the information neatly arranged for you to make informed decisions.

Welcoming approach for all

No matter what type of affiliate marketing and partnership model you endorse, you’re highly welcome to come speak with us. We are open to discussing different offers that are mutually beneficial. We also believe in building long-term relationships with our affiliates and we are always looking for ways to grow and flourish together.

We firmly believe that your success is our success!

Five unique brands

We are extremely proud of the five reputable casino and sportsbook brands that we operate. They have been carefully tailored to host thousands of top-notch slots and other casino games. In addition, there's a plethora of sports betting options offered by our latest brand, We swiftly permeated the global market, attracting several hundred thousand customers.

Did we mention that we run a full-scale model of crypto gaming? Two of our respected brands allow players to deposit, wager, and withdraw in BTC, other altcoins, fiat currencies, or both.

This is how our commercial strategy and payment solutions are up-to-the-minute. But there’s much more our brands offer to players and affiliates.

Retaining players with a cutting-edge system

What makes our brands stand out from the fierce competition is the fact that they are created for players by players. Therefore, we are well-positioned to offer what players truly like and encourage them to stick around.

We have integrated the brilliant technology of Unibo, an innovative system, adding engagement elements to all our casino games. Thus it incentivises players and enhances their experience. We achieved this with the following offerings:

●      Personalised in-game missions

●      Competitive tournaments

●      Random prize drops

●      Local Jackpots that do not affect the player’s RTP

●      Level-up systems

As a result, we have boosted player retention. But, what’s in it for our affiliate partners? Let’s find out.

Exclusive campaigns for affiliates

We have integrated the innovative Unibo system to not only boost our retention as operators but also that of our affiliates. This system allows players to be segmented via affiliate code, which enables them to receive exclusive campaigns with affiliate-specific graphics.

Clearly, there’s much to gain for the affiliates such as unique campaigns designed to ensure long-term success, a high conversion rate to all our reputable brands, and a prosperous and transparent partnership.

Don't miss out on this opportunity - join the Scatters Group Feature Affiliates Programme today!

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