Growth opportunities for affiliates with Oddspedia’s free B2B solutions

By Stephen Carter

Head of content

With digital sports media constantly evolving, the experience that publishers can provide to their customers becomes of the utmost importance. If you are a content creator in digital media, then you have to come up with valuable insights, real-time data and engaging visualisations to satisfy the interests and expectations of the new generation of sports enthusiasts.

Captivating the sports audience is a goal already accomplished by Oddspedia. The company is fully focused on providing valuable, competitive and user-friendly services for sports betting fans, players and publishers worldwide.

As part of its mission, Oddspedia now delivers a set of capabilities for publishers and affiliates to reduce the time and effort required to produce high quality sports content. They are provided via free B2B solutions in the form of webmaster widgets and an exclusive partnership program.

The Oddspedia Widgets enable content creators to increase engagement and monetise with visually impressive contextual integrations. Publishers can enrich the user experience on their site seamlessly with fully customisable, secure and mobile-friendly sports data visualisations.

Currently, there are 3 available widgets to choose from depending on your needs: Odds Comparison, LiveScore and Match Center, with more coming soon. These widgets are powered by live data and show odds from more than 80 bookmakers for 30 sports and 10,000 competitions worldwide.

The monetisation aspect is realised by giving publishers the opportunity to put their own affiliate links. This comes with a 50/50 click share system, where the first click will be attributed to the webmaster, the following one to Oddspedia and any subsequent clicks will cycle between the two.

Not only that, but the Oddspedia Widgets are completely free and available in more than 10 languages. Whether you need odds, scores, stats or betting information and an additional revenue stream for your website, those widgets fit every need. The solution is already being utilised by leading media companies and igaming affiliates to boost editorial and create engaging experiences.

Oddspedia co-founder Jeton Kodia said: "Our goal was to build the most comprehensive and user-friendly project about sports, and I feel we’ve achieved that. Now we are extending our reach, working in multiple locales and creating solutions to benefit fellow affiliates.

"I am confident that the platform that Oddspedia provides is superior to anything currently on the market. Our Franchise program is unique and we are excited to work with new partners to deliver the best experience to our customers across different locales" he adds.

With its partnership program, the company opens its Oddspedia.com platform to online marketers. Deploying a franchise based system, the company looks to continue expanding its global presence by sharing its platform to partners specialised in emerging international markets.

Partners can use the existing tech platform of Oddspedia.com and provide customised experiences for their local markets, without the significant time and money investment needed to construct a cutting edge sports website from scratch. At the same time, the team behind Oddspedia has a deep understanding of how to deliver localised products and handle the possible difficulties when it comes to compliance.

Knowledge about the local market, regulations, networking, product and SEO requirements are all key building blocks towards developing a competitive product. Sharing experience and expertise, the franchisor and franchisee can custom-tailor the Oddspedia product towards the specific needs of their market. The partnership program is a great way to bring a successful business online, as Oddspedia has already entered into an exclusive content partnership in several markets.

About Oddspedia

Oddspedia is an international, award-winning iGaming affiliate company focused on providing sports fans with valuable information and top-notch user experience. Oddspedia.com has established itself as a fan favourite and one of the leading sports platforms online, delivering comprehensive sports coverage and betting information. Its B2B solutions offer a unique opportunity for publishers to keep their audience engaged before, during and after every game faster and easier than ever.

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