Boss Partners names Nick Watson as head of affiliates

By Guy Parsons


Watson brings more than 10 years’ industry experience to the role.

Watson brings more than 10 years’ industry experience to the role.

Boss Partners, a promising newcomer in the igaming industry, has announced the appointment of Nick Watson as its head of affiliates. With over a decade of experience in the field, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to drive Boss Partners' success.

Commenting on his appointment, Watson said: “I knew the great minds behind Softgenius before the programme even started. The innovative AI technology, valuable partnerships and immense potential were clearly visible. It felt like seeing a future big player in the industry. I'm confident that we will establish Boss Partners as a significant name in the igaming industry. In line with our strategy for growth, we're preparing to launch the second brand this August, marking a further expansion of the existing portfolio.

“We're not simply launching new brands; we're unlocking the door to endless possibilities for our partners to earn more."

Step into the future of igaming with Boss Partners - a thrilling new player shaking the affiliate scene. The Boss Partners' game-changing brands are powered by cutting-edge AI technology that understands players' behaviour like no one. And the best part? More brands are rolling out this year! With a flat-fee model, performance-based CPC and CPA strategies, as well as versatile hybrid deals, your path to success begins here!

Want a front-row seat to the action? Visit bosspartners.com or email contact@bosspartners.com.

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