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Quo Vadis Links & Redirects

By Louella Hughes

Rewriting URLS and redirecting search engine crawlers to the new location of your web assets is like doing surgery on a website. When done properly, the website stays healthy. If it’s done wrong, the results can be disastrous, and this can lead to dramatic drops in both traffic volume and quality.

This session covers hard data on the difference between using 301, 302 and other forms of redirects. You'll learn how quickly Google reacts to redirects, how soon pages are indexed and how much link weight passes from an old URL to a new URL.

These are all new insights from Christoph’s SEO tests and research work. Whether you're doing a full-scale site migration or just using shortened URLs for marketing and sales, this session will give you confidence that you are not leaving any redirect behind.

Key learning points:

  • Concise explanation of the difference between various forms of redirects
  • Understand how Google responds to redirects 
  • Prepare for a full site migration to ensure you won’t lose any traffic 
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