By Josephine Watson

To build sustainable relationships with operators in 2019, affiliates need to bring more than just traffic to the table, according to Tobias Regnestam.

We interviewed Cashmio COO, Tobias Regnestam on how affiliates can build and maintain good relationships with operators.

When affiliates are pitching to operators, what would you say are the key characteristics they should emphasise?

As with all new relationships it’s important to start off on an honest footing, so take a look at your business and pitch accordingly. Regardless of size, though, trust is always going to be key in the igaming industry. Operators need to know they can trust you so don’t say you send 200 new players when you just reached 50; it shows up on different SEO tools and if you are talking to a quality affiliate manager then he or she will be able to tell. On top of this, affiliates should show they are responsive and reactive, that they treat the affiliate operation as a true business that they care about. If you begin with this, I think you’ll be off to a good start.

What can an affiliate offer an operator beyond just traffic?

The answer that springs to mind is an easy relationship: establishing quick lines of communication and replying when reached out to. On top of that, affiliates also have a unique insight into the SEO world and therefore into people’s searches. So affiliates could help operators see and act on new trends. If their partners are quick on the trends it will enable the affiliate to send traffic to a relevant place and with that make more money.

Can you explain to us the importance of compliance and how affiliates should act responsibly?

As different countries become regulated, different rules will apply in different languages. As an affiliate it is very important to keep abreast of the changes as they happen because operators might need to act very quickly to ensure that regulations are being followed. Affiliates are likely to have tens or even hundreds of different sites with content on them, and by ensuring that you are compliant, you’ll give yourself the best chance of surviving the inevitable audits coming from the operator’s side.

What factors do you think have led to operators dropping their partnerships with affiliates?

This combines my previous answers: trust and licence requirement. If an operator doesn’t trust you then it’s safer to call time on the partnership. Also, if an affiliate isn’t legal in a particular country then it’s better for the operator not to be associated with that affiliate. As an add-on to this answer, you know your traffic and what value it has. If you find a rookie affiliate manager willing to overpay for your traffic, you’ll be able to cash in on that – until they realise that the ROI just isn’t there and they end the cooperation. This will damage your name and hinder future business as most affiliate managers know each other through friendship or other connections.
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