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Brand bidding – how to protect your brand

By Robin Harrison

Valentin Darechkin explains how helps protect companies from undesirable contextual traffic being directed to their brand sources

Hello everyone! My name is Valentin Darechkin. I’m the product owner at, a prime digital marketing solution that allows you to track, localise and eliminate unauthorised brand bidding practices. Here I’m going to explain how we help protect companies against undesirable contextual traffic being directed to their brand sources. In other words, how to cope with brand bidding.

In our experience, nearly all affiliate networks prohibit leading contextual traffic to their brands.

The best way to illustrate the problem is through an example:

Let’s say Company ABC has a brand named “CasinoOnline”. They buy leads from “Super Ads” affiliate network. The rules state that contextual advertising to the “CasinoOnline” brand sources is prohibited. There are two main reasons for this:

  • A search query where the keywords “CasinoOnline” are used is known as organic traffic. When publishers start to lead traffic using CasinoOnline’s brand keywords, they are essentially taking away CasinoOnline’s organic traffic from Company ABC. People searching for CasinoOnline’s brand could click on the publisher’s ad, followed by a targeted action which results in Company ABC having to pay the publisher!

  • It's added competition to CasinoOnline’s own brand keywords. If CasinoOnline buys its brand’s own ads it increases the cost per click to keep the top positions in those search results.


As a consequence:

  • The CasinoOnline brand loses a part of its own organic traffic. 

  • What is even worse, Company ABC has to pay deceitful publishers for leads generated from CasinoOnline’s own search query’s keywords.

  • Company ABC and CasinoOnline have additional expenditure to contextual advertising because of the increased cost per click to keep the top positions in those search results.


How much traffic do you lose?

  It’s impossible to know for sure but we estimate the following:

  • You have 100,000 search queries according to your brand’s keywords every day.

  • Click-through rate (CTR) of an advertisement is 10%.

  • CTR of a targeted action is 5%.

Based on the above estimates we believe the publisher should be paid for 500 leads.

Most brands only find out about contextual traffic as a result of its behavioural characteristics or by accidently seeing a search result with the publisher’s advertisement.

Many brands are not able to calculate the magnitude of the problem because they do not monitor their brand search queries at all times of the day, across different devices and GEOs, using different IP addresses 24/7. These deceitful publishers know are they sending you your own organic traffic so they use targeted ads to find the loopholes, thus  making them very difficult to identify.

How can help you? monitors your brand search queries and websites according to any gadget type, GEO and options 24 hours a day.

We prepare reports and supporting documents, along with screenshots of the websites, referring URLs and marketing materials, to identify any publishers using your brand search queries.


We help protect you from paying affiliate networks for your own organic traffic, while keeping the costs down on your own brand terms. If there are any disputes from affiliate networks, we can supply all the necessary documentation to prove 100% where the traffic came from.

How can you start working with

1. Download your keys. The system will monitor search queries and websites according to your keys.

2. Set the extra options. GEO, gadget types, monitoring frequency, etc.

3. Wait a little bit. The system will gather all the necessary key information within 24 hours.

4. Done.   Take your results in the private office or receive it to your email!

How much does access to the service cost? works using a subscription model. All our customers are unique and have different business needs based on the GEOs in which they operate. Please contact me for a free demonstration or to discuss your requirements and I will be happy to discuss our proposition with you.  We can also supply a customised quotation to suit your precise business needs.

You can reach me at or via LinkedIn

You can also register at directly!

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