Affiliates for affiliates: AskGamblers democratises the industry

By clariondevelop

After years of gathering important information and analyses for internal use, AskGamblers has put this database out there for others to use for free. CEO Igor Salindrija explains why to iGB Affiliate.

Live like an affiliate is written on a torn out page from a magazine I have kept for the past decade I’ve been working as an affiliate. This was my mantra, my motivation from the very beginning. Today, I can say with confidence that it worked and my dreams of living like an affiliate finally came true. All this time working in the gambling industry, my whole team and I have been running into various problems that we usually had to solve step by step, slowly, on our own and those problems are more or less the same as those the players run into. AskGamblers has been helping players find the right place to play, reduce risk and save time and money. Our main goal, in which we believe deeply, is giving absolutely transparent information to those that search for it. We learned that both players and casinos truly appreciate what we do, since they can recognize it’s for the purpose of fair play and protection of players from rogue casinos, as well as protection of casinos from bad players. We’re proud to say that we created a sort of “truth machine”. Now, considering we, the affiliates, face more or less the same problems, wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a tool that would help us as well?

AskGamblers, using our own example, has years of gathering important data and analyses, so we developed an internal solution that helps us solve problems, work around issues and grow our business more efficiently. We figured that our own database is far bigger that any other available out there. Whenever we faced problems, we had only our own database to rely on, which made us realize how precious having all this information was. Other affiliates would also find this information priceless, so we decided to put it all out there and let others use it for free.

Benefits for affiliates Have you ever received a payment from Global XYZ Ltd. Company, and to save your life, you couldn’t figure out who sent it? Have you ever received a payment that’s higher or lower than it was suppose to be, or it was in a different currency than expected? Does an affiliate you promote owe you money and you want to know if others have the same issues? Are you not sure if you should promote a certain affiliate or want to find a new one to promote? You will find answers to all these questions within AskGamblers’ new product at

Benefits for affiliate managers Words spoken on AskGamblers hold a significant weight. Dozens of new complaints and hundreds of new users reviews are written daily. On the other side, are the people from the industry that are expected to help their players in the best way possible. We, as platform providers and mediators, are responsible to both sides, and we have to provide the best experience, and most importantly, equal rights and options for everyone. In the beginning, we provided the players with a section to simply leave complaints about casinos. You can’t even imagine how difficult it was to explain to casino managers the importance of responding to these complaints. Slowly but surely, as this section grew, so did the understanding of the importance of your online casino having a positive reputation. Today, you have some casinos which hire people specifically to handle complaints on AskGamblers. When you’re in a position like this, you can’t help but feel highly responsible for giving that casino every option available to do this work properly, since their business is on your website. A few years ago, we started a comments section for casino reviews. Today, this has grown into user reviews, and we now have few people in our team dedicated to moderating these on an exclusive basis. What we look for are good quality user comments and reviews, written from personal experience. Tens of comments which are simply not suitable for this whole concept are deleted on a daily basis. Reviews can be positive or negative, but they absolutely have to be based on personal experience so they could help other players decide whether to play in a certain casino or not. Now that we have all this powerful content, generated by the army of knowledgeable players that played at all these casinos and came to AskGamblers to share their experience, ask for help or find out something new, we have a perfect platform for the industry to provide the best possible experience and support for the players.

Every representative has a specially designed account on AskGamblers that unlocks numerous new options to manage their casinos and interact with their players. It’s all automated and super easy to use. There’s a personal profile with all the important information about the casino representative, where they are able to respond to a complaint or a review about their casino. If they wish to post on the forums, this Casino Rep Account also allows them to do this. For the people in the industry, AskGamblers is far more powerful than you think. Millions of players around the world have the perfect platform to share their opinions about any casino. It’s up to us to balance out the valid ones and give you the opportunity to respond to your audience. We continue to do this until we get the ultimate truth, as that is what we always strive for.

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