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Moving the needle: what do affiliate websites need to have?

By Josephine Watson

What are the key components to running a successful affiliate site? The team behind Auscasinos tells all..

While it may sound as having digital casino affiliate websites is the opposite of serendipitous (aka. zemblantious), because it is so much of a gamble, it doesn’t need to be. There is a huge niche to provide a good service if you approach it in the right way and with the right mindset. The job in question is somewhat technical and requires you to do the legwork on user interface design and cybersecurity. But, it is much more a question of if you came to offer the increasing number of players valuable information, or if you see it as a quick cash grab. Similar to the industry it is focusing on, affiliate casino websites can be beneficial for everyone if done correctly and with service and entertainment in mind. But, everyone who enters just for the money will usually leave without it. Generally, you should focus on three things:

  1. Good audience relations
  2. Nice interface design
  3. Honest dealings with operators
If you do it correctly, everyone in the line will stand to benefit. The players will find the best websites to visit and entertain themselves.

Writing for humans and computers

Humans and computers don’t see the same. While a search engine will focus on all the words you have written simultaneously and compare them to see if your text is what they need, humans will only see what you accentuate. This is an important difference because any good affiliate website, casino or otherwise, needs to be written for both. On one side you don’t want it to be too plain and short, even though it can be because the SEO will punish you for not using ‘’all the words’’. But, you must always refrain from stuffing in words and creating long and fluffy articles that don’t actually say much. Also, remember that empty space is your friend when it comes to speaking with humans. Short paragraphs and clear subheadings are what everyone should aim for.

Be honest and transparent

As someone working in the industry, it will be normal for you to be better informed than your public. That is why you are running the affiliate website and they are the audience. But, you should be clear and transparent about what you know and how you know it. Some data and information can be tested and proven to the right, other info is given by the operators. If you have a deeper connection with an online casino, state that. It’s the 21st century and everyone can potentially be bought and paid for. What you need to do is to tell people what you sell and for how much. If you are in a close relationship with an operator that is paying you to publish articles about their new games, state that openly. Your audience will appreciate the honesty and actually trust what you have to say more after the fact. Most of the new online casino brandsyou see appear on affiliate websites have paid for those spots. That's how they get in the game and that's how affiliates make some guaranteed money in a fairly volatile business niche.

Find useful data

Focus on what matters to the players and consumers. Issues like company history and licensing might be important for the operator, but an average reader couldn’t care less. You can mention such facts in passing, but you should focus on what games are there, how they are, and what are the chances of winning. Thankfully, most providers will offer sign-up bonuses so you will always have a repeating focal point for the benefits that matter.

Good deals benefit everyone

Good business is never a zero-sum game. If you are getting good information from the providers and bring in players under good terms, everyone will be better off. The providers will have more users, the players will find the games they like the most, and you will be able to skim the profits and increase your reliability. There is no need to take anyone for a ride or to do whatever it takes just to trick someone to play with your affiliates. If cloak and dagger are needed, you’re dealing with bad partners.

Let operators and suppliers explain benefits

Allow game developers and operators to tell you what is their focus and why they are the best place to go, in plain words. Many casino affiliates dismiss what the providers say and just focus on sales. This way you are dismissing a valuable connection and not developing the best relationship with the provider. Maybe you’ll see something they don’t. Maybe they will like your take more. But, as is in any relationship, good communication is the best way to ensure everyone’s benefit.

Stay independent

Experience has taught us that having money is much better than not having money. But, you shouldn’t be fooled to get into any deals that will make you compromise your integrity. The ability to transfer good and valuable information is where your bread is, and you should save that. Staying independent will make it possible to always expand your influence and reach more people with your affiliate website. That will, in time, bring in more affiliate operators and even more clicks, making your website prepared for anything the future can bring.This article is sponsored by Meow Corp LTD and does not represent the views of
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